Team Building Games for Developing Staff Relationships

It goes without saying that there are many business benefits of team building games, but lets for a moment explore some of the personal benefits of team building games.

As adults we spend more time at work (or thinking about, or travelling to work) than we do with our own families. If we look at a normal work day, travel time and preparation time we can spend up to 14 hours a day engaged in work related activities. Lets add on 6 hours for sleep and that leaves us with 4 hours per day with family or loved ones. 4 hours versus 14 hours. So if as adults we spend more time engaged in work related activities than we do engaged with our own families, it is important that we get along with the people we work with.

Team building games are a great way of improving relationships and creating a personal connection. By actively participating in team games, achieving goals and interacting in ways that are different to the norm we can gain a stronger understanding and value of those we work with.

For many people the main element of job satisfaction comes from their personal relationships. We can look at this two ways. No matter how much someone enjoys the task elements of their work, if they don’t get along with their manager or peers there is a high possibility that they will move on to another company. The other side to look at is if you are doing a job that is quite repetitive or unfulfilling you are more likely to stay on longer if you enjoy the workplace relationships.

The main benefit of using a team building game to improve staff relationships is creating a greater sense of belonging. All humans want to feel as though they are valued and belong to a group of like minded people. Team building games can help in making people feel as though they belong.

If you are looking to use team building games to improve personal relationships it is important that they contain a number of elements.

Firstly they must be fun. If your staff aren’t having fun they are simply not learning. By keeping things fun, team members can also build a connection with one another through a positive shared experience.

Secondly the activities must allow for staff to interact and engage. There are some games that have an element of elimination. How can people connect and engage if they are watching from the sidelines. It is important that the team building game you choose encourages all team members to participate on some level.

Thirdly the team building game must allow teams to be positive focused and successful. There are some games that are designed to use to create awareness of team’s dysfunction patterns and behaviour. These are fine to use as long as you debrief the activity, highlighting both positive and destructive behaviour, provide them with an opportunity to verbalise an alternative solution to the activity and then deliver a different activity which encourages and allows them to be successful.

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