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3 Building Blocks of Staff Engagement

Get Things In Order

The 3 building blocks of employee engagement is a really simple yet powerful framework to help you engage your staff effectively.

Tied into Maslow's Needs there are 3 steps towards having employees who are energized, engaged and effective.

Step 1 - Security

The base level incorporate's Maslow's bottom two levels of Survival and Security. If your employees don't feel safe and secure they'll simply be acting from a space of survival.

It's important your staff are:

  • Being paid enough to live
  • Have a sense of certainty with their hours of work - are they getting enough? Do they get a regular amount?
  • Not bullied or threatened in any way

Often staff leave and we have no idea as to why - too often, as leaders we simply accept it and move on - without learning and growing from the experience. Here's 3 reasons why staff leave.

Step 2 - Relationships

The second level is all about the relationships!

Do your staff have positive, connected relationships with the people they work with and for? Your organisation and it's customers? The purpose and vision?

This section is about appreciating your employees, helping them feel valued and respected. It's about building better connections and helping your staff feel as they belong.

It's this building block which can give us the biggest challenge.

As leaders we often behave sub-consciously, impacting employee engagement levels by just operating on auto-pilot. To help you bring a more purposeful approach to your leadership here's 3 massive mistakes managers make which lead to low staff morale.

Step 3 - Empowerment

Now we're ready to fly!

The thrid and final stage of engagement is about empowering your employees to fly!

Give them responsibility. Allow them to work to their strengths. Encourage them to lead the way.

At this stage your leadership approach is about serving your staff. Doing whatever you can to help them shine!

This is when you really reap the benefits. Your staff are self-motivated, self-engaged and totally committed to the cause - why? Because you truely believe in them. You allow them to be the ship and you the harbour.

Chances are you've used these ideas to engage your employees!

Good luck! Remember to watch the video and discover the 4 simple things you can do to engage your employees the easy way!

mikesymondsroundMike Symonds is the creator of Funergizers. Funergizers is an easy, flexible and effective 'staff engagement program'. Containing a suite of tools, workshops and activities. Funergizers empower you to easily engage, energize and connect your staff.