"The feedback has been amazing! One of the best presentations we have ever had!” – Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce, Next Gen Leaders

Funergizers Corporate Presentations

Funergizers keynote presentations will inspire, educate and engage your teams!

A Funergizers Keynote Presentation is a great way to introduce Funergizers 4 Key Principles to your teams in a positive, inspiring and engaging way.

Keynote Presentations Include...

Engage Your Team: 4 Guiding Principles

workshoppublicintroStaff Engagement Has Never Been Easier! This keynote presentation provides delegates with 4 simple, yet very powerful guiding principles designed to help engage staff more effectively.

Mike Symonds will explore the power of each principle and provide delegates with practical ideas on how bring each principle to life!     

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Building Better Connections

WorkshopDiscover How to Build Meaningful Relationships Fast! Whether it's leadership, sales or customer service, building trustworthy relationships is one of the most important elements of being successful!

This keynote presentation looks at 4 behaviour types and provides participants with the 'framework' to be able to engage, motivate, inspire and connect with each type in more meaningful ways.                 

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Fun at Work - It's a Serious Business!

fun at workCreate a workplace staff LOVE! Having more fun at work is more than just child's play - It's shown to increase innovation, improve performance and create stronger team relationships. This keynote presentation shows you how to incorporate more fun into your team WITHOUT getting in the way of business.                

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Mike SymondsAbout Mike Symonds

Mike Symonds is a playful, energetic and engaging speaker. With over 15 years experience in 'Staff Engagement' and a dodgy background in stand-up comedy, Mike's highly interactive and practical approach is guaranteed to leave delegates inspired, energized and armed with a range of ideas they can implement straight away!

"What a fun and fantastic session. Mike is a great presenter who was able to take us out of our comfort zone without us even realising. It was lots of fun, a great way to connect with the team and I now have loads of great tools to help me engage my team." - Keshet, Manager

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"I felt sorry for the people next door. With all the laughter from our session, they certainly had 'speaker envy'.” – Fiona, Auscontact Association Conference