Mascot Lego Drag Racer

The Speed, the Adrenalin, the Laughter!

Watch your team revert back to one their greatest childhood loves - Lego and making things up!

Teams are provided with a range of items, craft pieces and 'junk'. Using these items teams build and construct a team Mascot and a 'Toy' Drag Racer. Points are awarded for creativity, originality and of course SPEED!

How do we determine who has the fastest 'Toy' Drag Racer? We have a race of course! This is a great short, sharp activity that appeals to both the creative and practical types.

Activity Length

45 minutes to 2 hours

Recommended Group Size

20 to 400+

Where Does 'Mascot Lego Drag Racer' Work Best?

It's wonderful for break out sessions during work, conferences, training programs, team meetings, team days, over drinks or between courses at dinner.

DIY Mascot Leggo Drag Racer

DIY 'Mascot Lego Drag Racer'

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What You Receive?

Quick Start Guide - Get started easily and quickly using our step by step quick start guide.

Activity Run Sheet – A step by step activity run sheet designed to help you run a smooth activity. Tells you when to run the 'build', 'race' and 'presentation' stage and how much time to allocate for each.

Instructional Videos – This makes it so easy. 'How To' videos designed to help you prep and deliver a wonderful activity.

Step by Step Written Instructions – Follow the step by step instructions and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Activity Brief Rules Sheet – This makes running the activity so easy. Simply printout and use as a guide to run the activity

Printable Props – These include score sheets, instructions, team labels and more

Full Support – Got some questions or just want to confirm that you are on the right track, drop us an email or pick up the phone.

What You Need to Supply?

There are a several things you need to get ready for Office Olympics.

You'll need to supply the following:

Activity Staff – It will depend upon final numbers however we recommend having at least 2  staff to run the activity. One to be the 'Host' and the other to assist with setting up, handing out props and scoring 

Activity Space - Where can you run Mascot Lego Drag Racer? Any conference, training or dining room. You simply need a space or table for each team to 'build' their mascots and drag racers, and then a space at the front of the room to 'race' your cars.

Music System - You'll definitely want some kind of system to play music as teams build their mascots and drag racers and possibly some music as teams comes to the front stage for their drag racer heats. 

Microphone and PA - To help build the excitement, especially if you're working with a large group it really helps to use a microphone.

Some Activity Props – There are some props which you'll need to source for Mascot Lego Drag Racer. They can easily be obtained from you local discount variety store or office supplies. Some of these items include:

  • A box of 'Classic Lego' pieces for each team
  • 4 x Lego car wheels for each team
  • A parcel of recyclable 'junk' - this can include cereal boxes, plastic bottles, pipe cleaners, balloons, bottle lids - there's a 'How To' video which outlines this in more detail
  • Some additional rectangle tables which can be proped up one end and used as a race ramp

Fun Prizes - This is totally up to you. We often get some novelty prizes and 'booby' prizes from the local variety store.