Mascot Leggo Drag Racer

The Speed, the Adrenalin, the Laughter!

Watch your team revert back to one their greatest childhood loves - Leggo and making things up!

Teams are provided with a range of items, craft pieces and 'junk'. Using these items teams are required to build and construct a team Mascot and a 'Toy' Drag Racer. Points are awarded for creativity, originality and of course SPEED!

How do we determine who has the fastest 'Toy' Drag Racer? We have a race of course! This is a great short, sharp activity that appeals to both the creative and practical types.

Activity Length

45 minutes to 2 hours

Where Does 'Mascot Leggo Drag Racer' Work Best?

It's wonderful for break out sessions during work, conferences, training programs, team meetings, team days, over drinks or between courses at dinner.

DIY Mascot Leggo Drag Racer

DIY 'Mascot Lego Drag Racer'

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