Master Class Artist

The Mess, The Mayhem, The Artwork

This is a wonderful activity that encourages people to let go, be creative and release a sense of playfulness. Working in teams, participants complete a series of fun, team based creative challenges.

Master Class Artist culminates with teams being provided with a postcard size master piece - Van Gogh, Michael Angelo. Teams are then required to recreate their master piece onto a large canvas. Unfortunately they don't have the use of any brushes!

How will the paintings turn out? Will they be good enough to hang in your reception or more suited to being stuck on the family fridge. Master Class Artist is fun and innovative and at times surprising.

Activity Length

45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Recommended Group Size

12 to 200+

Where Does 'Master Class Artist' Work Best?

Master Class Artist is a great activity to use for team days, staff conferences and staff social events. It will help teams loosen up, relax and let go!


DIY 'Master Class'

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What You Receive?

Quick Start Guide - Get started easily and quickly using our step by step quick start guide.

Activity Run Sheet – A timed run down to help you run a smooth activity on the day.

Instructional Videos – This makes it so easy. Watch the 'How To' videos and get started!

Step by Step Written Instructions – Follow the step by step instructions and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Activity Brief Rules Sheet – This makes running the activity so easy. Simply printout and use as a guide to run the activity

Printable Props – Includes the 'copies of the 'Masterpieces' which need to be replicated.

Full Support – Got some questions or just want to confirm that you are on the right track, drop us an email or pick up the phone.

What You Need to Supply?

There are a several things you need to get ready for Master Class Artist.

You'll need to supply the following:

Activity Staff – It will depend upon final numbers however we recommend having at least 2 staff to run the activity. One to be the 'Host' and the other to assist with setting up and handing out props etc

Activity Space - Master Class Artist works best outside, however with a little bit of prep it is possible to do inside. Depending upon group size you need an area large enough to hold your numbers.

Microphone and PA - Depending upon group size you may want to use a portable microphone to help get the groups attention.

Some Activity Props – For each team you'll need to supply a large stretched canvas, acrylic paints, painting pallets and access to water for cleaning up.

Fun Prizes - This is totally up to you. We often get some novelty prizes and 'booby' prizes from the local variety store.