Master Class Artist

The Mess, The Mayhem, The Artwork

This is a wonderful activity that encourages people to let go, be creative and release a sense of playfulness. Working in teams, participants complete a series of fun, team based creative challenges.

Master Class Artist culminates with teams being provided with a postcard size master piece - Van Gogh, Michael Angelo. Teams are then required to recreate their master piece onto a large canvas. Unfortunately they don't have the use of any brushes!

How will the paintings turn out? Will they be good enough to hang in your reception or more suited to being stuck on the family fridge. Master Class Artist is fun and innovative and at times surprising.

Activity Length

45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Where Does 'Master Class Artist' Work Best?

Master Class Artist is a great activity to use for team days, staff conferences and staff social events. It will help teams loosen up, relax and let go!


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