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The Power of Fun!

You've Gotta Watch This Video

A Perfect Example of How Making Something Fun...

Changes Behaviour and Increases Engagement

This experiment is a wonderful example of how creating a fun environment can help boost engagement and change behaviour.

By simply making the process fun, people consciously and purposefully change their choices to participate in that process.

It begs the question - what processes within your workplace can you make more fun to boost engagement?

Team Meetings can often be a 'requirement' which staff struggle being engaged with. Too often we hear how they're boring, a waste of time and nothing more than an uninspiring information dump.

By adding a simple, highly interactive 5 minute team activity into your agenda you can energize your staff, build stronger teams and improve focus.

Staff Gatherings and Offsites can be another one of those necessities which often easily fall into the 'boring' category. Try kicking the conference off with some fun team building activities and events to help reinforce your message, encourage ownership and improve team connections.

Then there's the workplace in general. Often we walk around in a daze, dragged down by the office feeling, interactions and 'ground hog day' nature of work. By running some employee engagement activities in and around the office, you can also help build a positive team culture.

Good luck and if you'd like to bounce ideas or discuss how you could build a workplace which is energized and fun feel free to give us a call!

What Are You Doing to Make Your Workplace Fun?

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