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Funergizers Online DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit

Funergizers Online DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit

Experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Poor performance
  • High staff turnover
  • Low morale
  • High levels of staff presentism (where staff turn up and switch off) or absenteesim
  • Department or individual conflict
  • or maybe you are simply looking for fresh 'staff morale boosting' ideas

Each of these 'issues' is costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year - The Funergizers DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit will provide you with the tools and resources to easily turn things around - FAST!

The Funergizers DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit focuses on boosting morale, engaging staff and creating an effective workplace using 4 simple, yet highly effective management principles.

  • Connect - Bring people together so a real link is established
  • Appreciate - Being grateful for and recognising the full worth of your team
  • Serve - To go beyond what is expected and 'serve' them without expecting anything in return
  • Fun - Creating a workplace environment which is energized, creative and fun

Time and time again these Key Principles address the common issues for under-performance, dis-engagement and ineffective teams.

The Funergizers DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit provides you with a range of simple activities and tools you can use to foster more positive relationships and behaviours within your business.

Use the Toolkit to:

  • Run your very own fun team bonding events - saving you thousands of $$$$
  • Train your managers and team leaders in '4 simple guiding principles' which are guaranteed to build connected, energized and effective teams
  • Create your own 12 month 'Funergizers Staff Engagement Program' using our 'Road to Success Template System'
  • Deliver activities which are guranteed to 'Boost Morale' in less than 5 minutes
  • Learn what drives and motivates every single staff member, so Managers and Team Leaders can be empowered to inspire

One of the most common causes for 'dis-engagement' is staff not feeling 'connected' - Funergizers DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit will help you connect and bond your staff to each other, their jobs and your organisation!

The kit is perfect for CEO's, Management Teams, HR Managers, Training Managers and anyone else who is looking for an EASY WAY to boost staff morale and engage employees.

Here's What the Experts Say...

stephennewhouseAuthor and HR Expert (with over 40 years experience) Steven Newhouse says...

"I believe Funergizers is spot on - boiling everything we all know about motivating a workforce down into the four simple, but powerful "Key Principles" Funergizers captures the essence of keeping any workforce truly engaged. At the end of the day - all human beings want to be accepted, made to feel important and made to feel they are making a difference with their time and the emotions they put into their jobs and the business. Spot on Funergizers!"

By using Funergizers DIY Staff Engagement Toolkit and benefiting from our years of experience you can NOW create a workplace which staff WANT TO BE APART OF and CUSTOMERS RAVE ABOUT.

What Do You Receive?

A Heap of 'Mini' Workshops to Help You Easily Engage Your Teams

DIYWorkshopConnectDiscover the basic principles of Employee Engagement with the Funergizers 'How To' series.

Access the online mini 'How To' videos to train yourself in the guiding principles of boosting team morale and engaging staff.



A Stack of 'Easy to Run' Activities Which Help You Build a Positive Team Culture

DIYToolkitConnectProduct20 x 5 Minute Fun 'Connection' Activities

Energizing and connecting your teams doesn't need to be hard. All you need is 5-10 minutes. Funergizers 'Connection' activities are perfect to help energize and your connect your staff during team meetings or at key moments throughout the day.

Easy to follow step by step guides so 'ANYONE' can do it!

DIYToolkitAppreciateProduct20 x 'Staff Appreciation' Activities

One of the most powerful, yet under utilized engagement tools is 'Appreciation'. All of us want to feel significant. These activities will provide you and your managers with practical ways in which they can create a culture of gratitude and appreciation within their teams.


DIYToolkitServiceActivities5 x ‘Service’ Based Activities

By creating a culture of 'Serving' we shift from a 'Me'  mentality to a 'We'. Serving each other is an essential element to feeling HAPPY and ENGAGED. These activities are great for helping staff serve one another and their community.


Fun Team Bonding Events which you can run for team days or conferences

DIYToolkitFunDIYEvents4 x 1.5 Hour Fun Team Events

No need to spend thousands of dollars on 'team building' providers when you can easily do it yourself. Our Office Olympics and Paparazzi Challenge Programs are easy to run and VERY EFFECTIVE. These activities are great for conferences, team days and staff get togethers.


Everything Else You Need to Bring Your Funergizers Program to LIFE

DIYToolkitCalendarFrameworkFunergizers 'Road to Success' Template

Use this 'Program Calendar Template' to build your own unique Funergizers Program. We'll provide you with a framework to follow (when, where and how often) and you simply 'drop' your preferred activities into place. It's never been easier to create your own personalised Funergizers Program!


DIYToolkitTemplatesStep by Step Guides and Templates

These will help you easily create your own employee engagement program. Put the pieces together and create a program which is fun, energizing and unique to your business.



 DIYToolkitPostersPosters, Slides and other Visual Aids

These 'visual aids' will help provide a colourful reminder to staff on the 4 key principles. It might be a quote, image or thought provoking comment.




 Starter Props Kit and Printable Props

Contains some of the 'physical' props and equipment to help you get started. You'll receive access to a whole stack of props and templates you can easily print out.


What Do You Need to Supply?

The main thing you need to supply is the enthusiasm and energy!

Depending upon which activities and programs you choose to implement, you may also need to purchase some basic props and prizes from your local discount variety store.


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