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Race Around the World - DIY Fun Team Event

Race Around the World

On Your Marks...Get Set...GOOOO!

'Race Around the World' gets the heart racing as teams map their course from checkpoint to checkpoint!

Armed with maps, clues, money and sense of competitiveness teams race one another through a series of checkpoints and challenges throughout the CBD.

Working in teams participants will be required to accumulate the most points within the required time frame by deciphering clues, completing a range of hilarious 'Dares' and performing a number of team based tasks.

This is a great activity which allows staff to bond in small groups, have fun, laugh and get a little active! 

Program Snapshot

Length: 2 to 3.5 hours
Pax: 6 to 200+ participants
Delivery: Outdoors
Energy Levels: High
Ease of Delivery: Easy to Medium
Key Outcomes: Connect Teams, Energize, Have Fun

Where Does 'Race' Work Best?

Race Around the World is a great team building activity for:

  • Conferences and Offsites
  • Team days
  • Staff Appreciation days
  • Training Programs (can debrief problem solving, team work, decision making, leadership, time management)

What Do You Receive?

DIYRaceAroundTheWorldProducAll of the following program instructions and support material is provided online through our website. This way you can access the program 24/7 from anywhere there is an internet connection.

  • Quick Start Guide - Follow this guide and you can easily be running this program in a couple of days from now
  • Activity Running Sheet – This is your agenda to help you run a smooth activity on the day.
  • Instructional Videos – This makes it so easy. See how the Checkpoint Activities work, What equipment teams need to bring, how to deliver the activity brief and how to manage the finish line.
  • Step by Step Written Instructions – Follow the step by step instructions and make sure you don’t miss a thing!
  • Checklists - Simple checklists designed to help you run a smooth event.
  • Activity Brief (Powerpoint Slide Show) – This makes running the activity so easy. Simply customize the powerpoint with your finish times and location and then go through the powerpoint at the start of the race.
  • Maps and all printable props – Simply print out and you’re ready to go
  • Full Support – Got some questions or just want to confirm that you are on the right track, drop us an email or pick up the phone.

What Do You Need to Supply?

There are a couple of things you'll need to get ready for Race.

  • Activity Staff – Depending upon the number of participants we recommend having 4 to 8 staff to run the activity. You'll need a host who start and finishes the race and at least 1 x Host at each of the 3 Checkpoints
  • Petty cash – This helps teams complete some of the 'dares' during the race. We recommend $10 per team.
  • Public Travel Passes (optional) – This provides teams with greater choice as to how they play the game. If you choose you can have participants bring their own.
  • Room/Space - This is a space to start and finish the race from. You could start the race from your office and finish at a near by restaurant or pub.
  • Music and Mic - Music is a great way to get participants excited. If you are working with a large group a microphone is a great tool to help you get attention.
  • Some Basic Props and Fun Prizes - Purchase some fun novelty prizes to giveaway to each team. We provide you with some easy and fun ideas.


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