Funergizers Employee Engagement DIY Programs

Improve Employee Engagement and Morale

Funergizers DIY Employee Engagement Programs, Activities and Resources designed to help you BOOST MORALE and IMPROVE TEAM PERFORMANCE!



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Conference Toolkit

Funergize your Staff Conference or Offsite!

Funergizers 30 Day Challenge

This is an easy introduction to Funergizers for Managers and Team Leaders looking to boost staff morale and turn around team performance.

Mascot Leggo Drag Racer

A wonderful activity which appeals to both the creative and practical types.

Master Class Artist

The Mess, Mayhem and Creativity. A fun painting activity with a twist.

Morale Booster - Quarterly Program Kit

Boost morale the easy way! Schedule in a fun team event each quarter! You're off to a great start...

Office Olympics

Teams complete in a range of short, easy and fun team based challenges.

Online Staff Engagement Toolkit

Funergizers DIY Online Staff Engagement Toolkit contains everything you need to implement your very own 'EASY to RUN' employee engagement program!

Paparazzi Challenge

An easy to run 'Fun Foto' Scavenger Hunt. Are you up for the challenge?

Race Around the World

Have teams compete in your very own Amazing Race!

The Pitch

A fun activity which has teams creating a 60 second TV commercial!