Team Meeting Activities and Energizers

Funergize your team meeting

Use these Funergizers activities and resources to help you create an effective and energized team meeting - one where staff are engaged and excited to be there!


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Balloon Bash

Balloon Bash is a fun, high energy 5-10 minute indoor activity. Teams race to get the balloons out of their area into another teams area.


A fun word game where teams race one another to come up with answers under each category.

Drop a Penny

How many points can your team score? All you need to do is get the coin in the cup!

Guess What

A great activity where teams race one another to guess the answer from a drawing, humming or charades.

Hula Hoop Relay

This is a hilarious, easy and engaging activity. Guaranteed to raise the energy and excitement in your team.

Novelty Baton Relay

Relay races will never be the same! Watch the laughter build as teams fumble and stumble trying to pass a baton in quite an unusual fashion.

Secret Service

A great activity which builds a culture of giving. Staff do secret acts of service to a team mate without getting caught!