Conference & Staff Offsite Activities

Funergize Your Conference & Staff Offsite

Use these Funergizers programs, activities and resources to help create an engaging, energized and effective team offsite and conference!


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Balloon Bash

Balloon Bash is a fun, high energy 5-10 minute indoor activity. Teams race to get the balloons out of their area into another teams area.


A fun word game where teams race one another to come up with answers under each category.

Conference Toolkit

Funergize your Staff Conference or Offsite!

Drop a Penny

How many points can your team score? All you need to do is get the coin in the cup!

Guess What

A great activity where teams race one another to guess the answer from a drawing, humming or charades.

Hula Hoop Relay

This is a hilarious, easy and engaging activity. Guaranteed to raise the energy and excitement in your team.

Mascot Leggo Drag Racer

A wonderful activity which appeals to both the creative and practical types.

Master Class Artist

The Mess, Mayhem and Creativity. A fun painting activity with a twist.

Morale Booster - Quarterly Program Kit

Boost morale the easy way! Schedule in a fun team event each quarter! You're off to a great start...

Novelty Baton Relay

Relay races will never be the same! Watch the laughter build as teams fumble and stumble trying to pass a baton in quite an unusual fashion.