Every time you interact with your team it's an opportunity to build your culture.

Integrate Funergizers Activities into your team meetings, around the workplace, staff training, conferences and team days!

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What Is the... Funergizers Membership?

Funergizers is an easy to implement program designed to empower you and your leaders with the activities, skills and ability to build highly engaged teams...FAST!

Simply transform your team meetings into INSPIRATIONAL TEAM EXPERIENCES!

How Funergizers Helps Your Leaders Build Great Teams...FAST!

The approach and philosophy behind Funergizers is simple:


Every time you interact with your team it's an opportunity to boost engagement - daily huddles, team meetings etc...they need to be more than just "going through the motions" THEY ARE AN OPPORTUNITY TO ENGAGE, MOTIVATE and INSPIRE YOUR TEAM.


Kick off your team meetings with a simple, fun, easy to run 5 minute team activity - you'll notice a boost in energy, engagement and morale straight away!

Once you've mastered this you can move onto bigger things.


If running team activities isn't your thing, empower someone else in your team to champion it. Guaranteed there's someone in your team who would LOVE TO RUN A FEW ACTIVITIES.

Everyone has a role to play in building a great team culture.


We're here to support you through the process. Having 'built teams' for over 20 years we know what works (and what doesn't) we'll empower your leaders with the skills, process, activities and support to energize & engage their teams.

Funergizers Membership INCLUDES...

Fun Team Bonding Activities Events - Funergizers

Funergizers Activities Library

All the Team Activities you need to engage your team...IN THE ONE SPOT!

Save time, hassle and worry - You get FULL ACCESS to ALL Funergizers activities.

Each activity comes with 'easy to follow' step by step instructions. 

Activities include:

  • Quick Energizers - Great for 'focusing the team' at your Daily Huddles.
  • Team Meeting Activities - Energize your Team Meeting with a 5 to 15 minute activity.
  • Around the Workplace Activities - Let these 'bubble away' in the background; helping you build a workplace people love. 
  • Fun Team Bonding Events: Great for bonding your team at conferences, team days and staff gatherings.

Funergizers Activities work great for In-Office, Remote and Hybrid Teams.

Monthly Momentum Sessions

We Funergize you, so you can have the energy and motivation to Funergize your team.

Each month we'll run a quick 15 to 30 minute session where YOU are the participant - it could be we run a few Funergizers, share some hot team building tips or simply have a laugh.

Whatever it is you'll feel connected, supported and motivated to make work fun!

Quick Energizer Activities - Funergizers

'How To' Training

To provide your leaders with the knowledge, skills and ability to successfully engage their team, each licence holder gets access to 'online training' programs, covering:

  • Team Engagement Principles 101: Learn the basics of staff engagement, and create an action plan to get started!
  • Skills Session: Teach your Leaders the skills in how to easily run team activities like an expert.
  • Empower Your Team: Build a 12 month plan and discover how you can get ALL STAFF contributing to team culture.

Each 'training module' includes easy to implement actions designed to help create change in their team.

Private Community

There's more knowledge in a room of 10 people, than any one person can hold.

This is where our Members Only community can be a really powerful resource.

Connect with other Funergizers Members to:

  • Discover how other organisations are using Funergizers tools
  • Ask all of your questions, seek feedback, gain support
  • Get to know other like minded members who are also committed to creating great teams and amazing workplaces for their people.

Free Team Bonding Activities - Funergizers

Resource Library

Supporting resources to help you implement Funergizers into your workplace successfully.

Here you'll find:

  • Program Templates - Use our tried and tested formula for building a 12 month team engagement plan or conference agenda.
  • Printable Posters - Reinforce Funergizers key philosophies and principles into your team using our printable posters. 
  • Bite Sized Training Videos - Looking for a quick piece of inspiration or practical skill to develop. Watch a quick Funergizers 'How To' Video.

Customer Support - Funergizers

Personalised Support

The level of OUR SUCCESS is linked to YOUR SUCCESS!

We're passionate about serving you, to help you achieve your goals and the best outcomes possible.

If you need help with an activity of building your team, simply schedule in a private one on one and we're more than happy to help where we can.

...All of this and much more ONLY inside Funergizers

Get Instant Access to the Funergizers Platform!

Take your team and workplace culture to the next level JOIN US TODAY and "Let's Get Funergized!"...

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Annual Membership (normally $997 p.a.)
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Unlimited access to EVERYTHING!
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5 user accounts
Unlimited access to EVERYTHING!
'Getting Started' COACHING CALL
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$ 3,470
10 user accounts
Unlimited access to EVERYTHING!
"Getting Started' COACHING CALL
Full Support

Here's What People are Saying About Funergizers

A. George
Business Support Manager, Polaris Communications

We used a Funergizers Fun Team Event at our National Sales Conference and were thrilled with the enthusiastic engagement from all staff. We have since purchased more Funergizers DIY Toolkits  to help us run activities in smaller settings ourselves which we have used to great success. I would happily recommend Funergizers to any company looking for a fun, energized and targeted approach to team relationship building.

Scott M
Team Leader, HCF

Funergizers has provided me with simple, practical 'engagement tools' I can easily implement with my team.

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