Funergizers: Helping 'People Focused' Business Leaders BUILD TEAMS Which Are HIGHLY ENGAGED, ENERGIZED and EFFECTIVE!

"Easily create a POSITIVE and ENGAGED workplace
which staff LOVE being a part of..." ..

(Without having to spend hours searching the internet for ideas or hire expensive consultants!) 

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Used by hundreds of companies world wide, including...

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Funergizers is a suite of Fun 'EASY TO USE' Activities and Resources to Help You BOOST ENERGY, INTERACTION and MORALE in Your Workplace.

Funergizers can easily be integrated into your...

tickTeam Meetings - Boost energy in your Virtual or Face to Face meetings

tickConferences and Team Days - Whether it's a 5 minute ice-breaker or 2 hour Team Bonding Experience

tickTraining Programs - Activities to help 'Break the Ice' and 'Energize' participants

tickStaff Social Events - More than just having a 'beer at the pub', Funergizers provides you with a range of fun, interactive experiences guaranteed to bring life to your next get together

tickWorkplace - Activities, resources and ideas to help you create a work place which pumps!

Employee Engagement Activities - Funergizers

Building your Team or Culture is more than a 'Once a Year' event!

"It's like bathing - Something you NEED TO DO EVERYDAY...otherwise you'll start to stink!"

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Here's What You Get Access to with a Funergizers Membership

Quick Energizer Activities - Funergizers

Quick Energizer Activities

Funergizers' Quick Energizers are easy to run and give your team a quick lift!

They're great for energizing your Team Meetings, Training Programs, Staff Conferences or even around the Work Place when morale is lagging.

Activity Lengths: 5 to 15 minutes.

Outcomes: Energize team meetings and staff training, connect staff and strengthen relationships...FAST.

Employee Engagement Activities - Funergizers

Culture Enhancer Activities

Whether you're needing ideas to help you to re-inforce an important aspect of your culture or an activity which can 'Bubble away in your workplace; Funergizers Culture Enhancer Activities are the perfect resource.

Each one is fun, highly interactive and has been designed to help boost and improve your Team Connections.

They're great for energizing your Team Culture and Workplace.

Length: 30 minutes to 6 weeks.

Outcomes: Boosting employee engagement, creating positive and connected workplace culture.

Fun Team Bonding Activities Events - Funergizers

Fun Team Bonding Events

These activities are the back bone of how Funergizers started - Fun, highly interactive and playful team bonding events.

Perfect for integrating into your staff conferences, team days or off-sites.

Kick your event off with an Office Olympics, maybe use Paparazzi Challenge as an after lunch energizer, or what about Mascot Lego Drag Racer as an activity to run during dinner!

Length: 30 minutes to 3 Hours.

Outcomes: Bonding and Energizing staff, teams and departments through fun, laughter and interaction. 

Free Team Bonding Activities - Funergizers

Program Blue Prints

Save time, energy and hassle with our 'Tried and Tested' Program Blue Prints.

Benefit from our years of experience - Funergizers Program Blue Prints provide you with an 'EASY TO FOLLOW' framework - showing you which activity to run and when - to help you and your Managers build more engaged Teams and Workplaces.

Program Blue Prints Include: Team Days, Conferences, Culture Development and Employee Engagement. 

Length: Half Day to Ongoing. 

Outcomes: Stronger teams, effective conferences, positive team cultures and engaged employees. 

Team Building Expert Tips - Funergizers

Expert Tips and Training

The Funergizers Training Hub is full of:

  • 'How To' articles
  • Bite Sized Training Videos, and
  • Expert Tips

designed to help you and your Leaders develop the skills, knowledge and inspiration to create engaging team environments.

Free Team Bonding Activities - Funergizers

Monthly Updates

We know how important it is to keep things fresh!

Each month we'll be uploading a handful of new activities, resources and tools exclusively for MEMBERS ONLY.

There'll be regular, new content provided each month to keep you and your Managers on top of their game.

Team Building Network - Funergizers

Supportive Community of Like Minded Peers

We're a big believer that there's more knowledge in a room of 100 people, than any one person can hold.

That's where our Members Only community can be a really powerful resource.

Connect with other Funergizers Members to discover how other organisations are using Funergizers tools, ask all of your questions, seek feedback, gain support and get to know other like minded members who are also committed to creating great teams and amazing workplaces for their people.

Customer Support - Funergizers

Personalised Coaching and Support

The level of our success is intrinsically linked to your success!

We are passionate about serving you to help you achieve your goals and the best outcomes possible.

As part of your Funergizers Membership we provide you with full support and coaching. We're real people wanting you to have real results.

Also keep an eye out for our Zoom Funergizers Sessions where we run some of our Activities live for small groups.

Building an Energized and Engaged Team and Workplace has NEVER BEEN EASIER!

Everything you need right at your finger tips!

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Not Sure if Funergizers is Right for You or Your Organisation?

Who Funergizers IS for?

Organisations and Business Leaders who first and foremost value their staff. They understand if staff are engaged and happy, customers will be happy and it's this which will then create great results

Organisations who are willing to provide their Leaders with the necessary tools and resources to create higly energized and engaging team environments

Corporate Culture Clubs, Human Resources and L&D Teams wanting an easily accessible resource library full of fresh ideas, activities and tools to make it easier for them to build a positive organisational culture

Team Leaders and Senior Managers working hard at the front line needing support and resources to help them foster positive, engaged and effective teams

Who Funergizers ISN'T for?

Anyone looking for a quick fix. Building a positive team and workplace culture takes time.

Anyone thinking they can do one or two activities and believe that will be enough to expect huge changes straight away. Like anything worthwhile you need to be committed and consistent with your new habits.

Any Leader not willing to look at their own behaviour and realise that the success of your team is largely driven by you, your behaviour and the kind of environment you create.

Any organisation or Leader who puts profit before people.  We firmly believe that the purpose behind EVERY BUSINESS is to help make the world a better place to be. Yes profit is important, because if we aren't making money we can't stay in business. However the moment we use profit as our key deciding factor is the moment we fail to truly serve our community.


Impact of Funergizers - Real Businesses, Real Results

  • "We incorporated an intensive Funergizers program into our normal workday for a week. Over 120 staff participated and after our initial trial - 82% of participants agreed Funergizers built stronger relationships both within and across teams."

    Robyn, M
    Call Centre Manager, Origin Energy

  • An Employment Services team saw a 47% increase in performance after implementing a Funergizers Engagement Initiative. This was the first time they had not only met, but actually exceeded their targets in 16 months!

    ETC Ltd
    Employment Services Team

  • "I highly recommend Funergizers to any business. It's a simple staff engagement process which can be easily implemented to improve team attitude and performance"

    Georgina L
    Contact Centre Manager, HCF

  • "85% of participants said Funergizers  activities made them feel more energized, positive, productive and enthused about their work!"

    Funergizers Program Feedback
    Customer Service Program, Origin Energy

  • "Funergizers activities were instrumental in breaking down relationship barriers amongst franchise owners. They added a real sense of excitement and energy to our conference. Our network and business is so much stronger. Thankyou”

    Jan R
    National Marketing Manager, World Wide Online

  • "I was introduced to Funergizers through a corporate networking function and really enjoyed the approach to workplace relationship building.  We used a Funergizers Fun Team Event at our National Sales Conference and were thrilled with the enthusiastic engagement from all staff. We have since purchased more Funergizers DIY Toolkits  to help us run activities in smaller settings ourselves which we have used to great success. I would happily recommend Funergizers to any company looking for a fun, energized and targeted approach to team relationship building."

    A. George
    Business Support Manager, Polaris Communications

  • "Funergizers has provided me with simple, practical 'tools' I can easily implement with my team."

    Scott M
    Team Leader, HCF

  • Origin Energy
  • ETC
  • Georgina Lomax
  • Origin Energy 2
  • Jan Timms
  • Polaris Communications
  • Scott M, Team Leader

Funergizers have been designed to make it easy for you!

Tried and Tested

We have delivered these activities to THOUSANDS of people. We know they work and we know WHY they work!

Easy to Deliver

You receive step-by-step instructions, checklists, how-to videos and expert tips to ensure it's a raging success!

Highly Interactive

Funergizers are designed to get your staff interacting, having fun and building strong connections.

Full Support

Need some help? Speak with an accredited Funergizers Facilitator, who can HELP YOU every step of the way!

* No credit card needed

Here Are a Few Other FAQs We Get Alot...

What Does a Full Membership Cost?

There are a number of different price points depending upon the number of User Accounts you need and whether you purchase a 12 month or Lifetime Membership.

Given we also sometimes have specials the best thing to do is check out our Plan Prices page.

How Easy Are Funergizers to Deliver?

By providing you with a mix of step by step instructions, checklists, scripts and how to videos, we have designed Funergizers to be very easy to deliver.

If you feel like 'running team building activities' is not your thing, the best thing to do it delegate it to someone within your team - you'll easily be able to find someone in your team who loves to do this stuff!!!

Can I Share My Membership with Other People at Work?

Yes and No. You are not permitted to share your membership with people outside of your organisation. Given you'll have personal details attached to your account we highly recommend you keep it in-house.

We have a number of different Membership packages based on how many Users will need to access Funergizers. Keep in mind though that Users will be able to personalise their experience within the members area.

Can I Talk to Someone if I Need Help?

YES DEFINTLEY!! Our whole purpose is to ensure you succeed when using Funergizers. If there's anything we can do to help or any questions you may have please make sure you reach out. We'd love to hear from you!

Do You Provide a Refund if I Change My Mind?

If you are having any issues with using Funergizers or the platform, please reach out for support and we'll gladly help you out.

Unfortunatley if you simply change your mind we won't be able to help you out with a refund.

We strongly suggest you sign up for a 14 Day FREE Membership so you can get a sneak peak into Funergizers members section.

Can I Upgrade My Membership at Anytime?

You sure can!

If you ever need additional user accounts or would like to upgrade from an annual membership to lifetime, you'll find an 'upgrade' option in your members account.