Most Work Teams Struggle to Achieve Their Potential!

* Are your TEAMS NOT GETTING the RESULTS they're capable of?

* At times is there a bit of 'UNREST' WITHIN YOUR STAFF RELATIONSHIPS?

* Does your WORKPLACE LACK ENERGY and feel a little 'stale'?

DON'T JUST GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS. Create a Workplace People Are Passionate About!

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1. Tweak a Few Little Things

 Chances are you've already got the framework to create an engaging workplace. All you need to do is 'tweak' your approach. You'll be surprised with how EASY and EFFECTIVE it can be!

2. Energize and Connect Your Staff

We all want to feel valued, appreciated and successful. Focus on strengthening the 'bonds' between your staff and watch them fly!

3. Improve Performance

Happy Staff = Productive Staff. Happy Staff = Happy Customers. The more engaged and energized your teams are, the more effective they'll be. 

The Results Speak for Themselves:


    Build Positive Organizational Culture Checklist

    Our Team Leader followed a very simple process and ran an easy 5 minute Funergizers activity each day during morning huddle. After a month, performance improved by 47%. It was the first time in 16 months this team had not only met their targets, but actually exceeded them!


    Build Positive Organizational Culture Checklist

    Funergizers provided a co-ordinated approach to engaging ALL team members. It was EASY TO CUSTOMISE the Funergizers resources to suit our teams regardless of site, even virtual teams. Using Funergizers really helped us to connect and engage with those staff who can often 'get forgotten'!


    Build Positive Organizational Culture Checklist

    I highly recommend Funergizers to any business. It's a simple staff engagement process which can be easily implemented to IMPROVE TEAM ATTITUDE AND PERFORMANCE. Funergizers is all about bringing out the best in your people.

    Build Positive Organizational Culture Checklist

    We tried a few new initiatives ourselves to give our workplace culture a 'freshen up', however due to the dynamics, we found it really hard to get full engagement. We ran a 'Kick Starter' program with a Funergizers Facilitator, to broadened people’s minds. It was perfect for encouaging staff to let down their barriers and has allowed us to introduce our own in-house initiatives without being met with resistence.

Why Most Teams Don't Perform Well...

  1. Poor relationship with their direct Manager and Senior Management
  2. Staff don't feel valued and appreciated by the people they work with
  3. Teams are NOT emotionally connected to their PURPOSE

How UNPRODUCTIVE are your teams because Staff and Managers DONT'S SEE and VALUE the POSITIVE ASPECTS of one another?

How much time is wasted dealing with 'staff issues'?

How many of your staff are dis-satisfied and NOT working to their potential because they're not working in their 'Genuis'?

How it Works?

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3. Engage and Energize your team

We'll help you implement a simple action plan to get started!

Lets Get Started Today and Build a Connected, Energized and Positive Team Culture!


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