Funergizers Sample Activity



Teams need to write down just one item that starts with a particular letter, under a range of categories. Points are awarded for thinking of items that are unique or consist of more than one word starting with that letter. The team who scores the most points is the winner.


Set Up Activity

  • Have participants sitting in their teams
  • Have each team at a different table or area of the room

Give Rules

Overview of explaining the game

  1. Give overview of game
  2. Determine the categories
  3. Explain the points system
  4. Get started

Determine Categories

  • Ask for 1-2 categories from each team
  • Give examples of what you are after - such as sports, things you might find in the bedroom, countries, famous people etc
  • Make sure that the categories are quite generic and don't require any specialised knowledge
  • Have each team write the categories in the same order across the top of the categories sheet

Explain the points system

  • "In a moment I will give you a letter"
  • "You need to come up with one item that starts with that letter under each of those categories"
  • "Write your answer in the square"
  • "When you have finished you need to yell out pens down and every other team needs to stop writing straight away"
  • "You will receive 10 pts for an item that no other team has got, 5 points for an item that another has or 20 points for a double banger. That involves two words in the title that start with the same letter. i.e. if the letter was C and the category was movie stars you could write Charlie Chaplin. Charlie starts with a C and Chaplin starts with a C."
  • "We'll score at the end" 

Start the Game

"Lets play the first round. Your first letter is ...... (give a letter)...(repeat letter)....(turn up music)...when you have finished yell out 'pens down'"

End of Game 

  • When a team yells "pens down", ensure that teams have stopped writing
  • Score the round...have each team read out their answers for each category
  • Allocate the appropriate number of points for each item
  • Have teams tally their points for the round
  • Play 2-3 rounds
  • Team with the highest accumilative score is the winner


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