Building Your Teams Immune System


What are you doing to BUILD YOUR TEAM'S IMMUNE SYSTEM?

Grab yourself a healthy snack and watch this 6 minute video as I go on a rant about the Coronavirus and what it means for your business!!!

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Building a strong culture

3 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your Team's Immune System!

1. Genuinely Share your Thanks and Appreciation

As humans we are hard-wired to connect and feel appreciated by those around us. Taking 5 minutes out of everyday to genuinely thank and express your appreciation helps people feel important.

Include it in your daily huddles and make sure Appreciation is flowing up, down and across!

2. Stop and Celebrate the Good Stuff!

The more we stop and celebrate the 'good stuff' the more motivated we become to achieve more 'good stuff'. Think about how good we feel when we take time out on our birthdays and celebrate with friends!

It might be as simple as putting on a morning tea, giving staff a pat on the back, having a 5 minute celebration in a team meeting. Whatever it is celebrate it loud and proud!

3. Have Fun

There's a saying (and also some scientific proof) that 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'. The best way to build a strong, powerful, connected and united team culture is through respectful fun and laughter.

Laughter boosts our happiness hormones, makes us more resilient, healthier, more optimistic, positive AND productive.

Incorporate some positive fun into you team and watch the energy levels rise.

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