57% of Businesses say their BIGGEST CHALLENGE is having MANAGERS who CAN'T... ENGAGE THEIR TEAMS!

"Funergizers empowers your Managers...to engage their teams EASILY and EFFECTIVELY using 4 Simple Principles."

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"Funergizers has provided me with simple, practical 'tools' I can easily take back and implement with my team."– Scott, Team Leader, HCF

Use Funergizers 'Tried and Tested' Activities, Workshops and Resources to...

Bring the 4 Key Principles to Life!

Workshops & Events

conference workshops

A Great Way to Get Started! Train your Leaders and Staff in the 4 Key Principles and practical ways they can bring them to life to build a positive workplace culture. 

Funergizers Employee Engagement Workshops

Fun Team Activities

Fun Team Building Activities

Fun Team Building Activities great for boosting morale and bonding teams. Easy to run, really fun and great for team days.

Fun Team Building Activities

DIY Resources


Funergizers DIY Resources are an easy and cost effective way to Engage your Employees and Build a Positive Team Culture.

Run Your Own Funergizers Programs


Every time you interact with your team - it's an opportunity to boost engagement!

Build Positive Team Culture and Create a High Performing Team! 

Funergize Your Workplace

Funergize Your Workplace

Funergize Your Workplace

Funergize Your Team

Fun Team Building Activities

Funergize Your Team

Funergize Your Conference

Conference Activities

Funergize Your Conference

"After participating in a Funergizers Engagement Program over 85% of staff said that they felt more energized, positive, productive and enthused about their work" - Origin Energy Call Centre

The Funergizers Team

Mike SymondsMike Symonds - Chief Funergizer

Mike Symonds has been designing and delivering fun team building activities and corporate training programs for the past 20 years. Specializing in working with Business Leaders to build a positive workplace culture, Mike knows how to energize staff and connect teams.

"What a fun and fantastic session. Mike is a great presenter who was able to take us out of our comfort zone without us even realising. It was lots of fun, a great way to connect with the team and I now have loads of great tools to help me engage my team." - Keshet, Manager