The Key Factor to Having Engaged Teams is...

* Are there little cliques or underlying conflict within your teams?

* Is there an 'us and them' mentality between different departments?

* Team meetings turning into long winded 'snooze fests'?

* Your workplace lacking energy and 'oompf'?

* Are your Staff Conferences a boring 'death by powerpoint' experience?

* Teams not reaching their full potential? 


Funergizers empowers you with the IDEAS, PROCESS and TOOLS to energize and connect your staff EASILY and EFFECTIVELY!

green tickTried and Tested

We have delivered these activities to THOUSANDS of people. We know they work and we know WHY they work!

green tickEasy to Deliver

You receive step-by-step instructions, checklists, how-to videos and expert tips to ensure it's a raging success!

green tickHighly Interactive

Funergizers are designed to get your staff interacting, having fun and building strong connections.

green tickFull Support

Need some help? Speak with an accredited Funergizers Facilitator, who can HELP YOU every step of the way!

Where to use Funergizers...

HelpWithConferences and Staff Offsites - 30 minute to 2 hour fun team bonding events

Team Meetings - 5 to 10 minute quick energizers and activities

In and Around the Workplace - Activities which can 'bubble away' in the background for 1 day to 6 weeks

What Funergizers clients say...

thought works"One of the best things about Funergizers is the simplicity. The activities were able to easily create a positive team environment which helped bring together different types of individuals and personalities. Everyone had a ball and I'll definitly be using Funergizers again in the future!"

Gemma Ruddick, Human Resources Coordinator, Thought Works Australia


82% of participants agreed Funergizers built stronger relationships both within and across teams.

47Increase PerformanceWhite

An employment services team saw a 47% increase in performance after implementing a Funergizers Engagement Initiative for JUST 5 MINUTES A DAY!


After participating in a Funergizers Engagement Program over 85% of staff said that they felt more energized, positive, productive and enthused about their work - Origin Energy Call Centre

"Funergizers has provided me with simple, practical 'tools' I can easily implement with my team."

Scott, Team Leader, HCF