The Key Factor to Having Engaged Teams is POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS!

* 82% of Staff Dis-Engagement is attributed to ‘POOR RELATIONSHIPS’ with Direct Managers and Senior Leadership Teams 

* 57% of Businesses say their BIGGEST CHALLENGE is having MANAGERS who CAN'T ENGAGE THEIR TEAMS!

* Staff who feel APPRECIATED & VALUED by their employer are MORE PRODUCTIVE, COMMITTED and EFFECTIVE!


Funergizers empowers your Managers with the PROCESS and TOOLS to engage their teams EASILY and EFFECTIVELY!

1. Framework

We'll provide you with a simple framework, which ENHANCES WHAT YOU'RE ALREADY DOING!

2. Training

Provide your LEADERS with the SKILLS and your STAFF with the MINDSET to create a positive, engaged and effective workplace.

3. Resources

HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED right at your finger tips - a 'Toolkit' full of ACTIVITIES, HOW-TO VIDEOS, RESOURCES, TRAINING MINI-BITES and more!

4. Support

Accredited Funergizers Facilitators are available to HELP YOU ALONG EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! 


82% of participants agreed Funergizers built stronger relationships both within and across teams.

47Increase PerformanceWhite

An employment services team saw a 47% increase in performance after implementing a Funergizers Engagement Initiative for JUST 5 MINUTES A DAY!


After participating in a Funergizers Engagement Program over 85% of staff said that they felt more energized, positive, productive and enthused about their work - Origin Energy Call Centre

"Funergizers has provided me with simple, practical 'tools' I can easily implement with my team."

Scott, Team Leader, HCF

How it Works?

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2. Book a free strategy call

Identify the opportunities and get 1 on 1 feedback on what's best for you and your team.

3. Engage and Energize your team

We'll help you implement a simple action plan to get started!

Lets Get Started Today and Build a Connected, Energized and Positive Team Culture!


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