"The Funergizers workshop provided some amazing personal insight into how I manage my team. I've come away with simple, practical 'tools' I can easily take back to work and implement with my team."

 – Scott, Team Leader, HCF

Funergizers: Engage Your Team

Practical and Empowering Workshop for Team Leaders

59% of Managers say their BIGGEST CHALLENGE is having TEAM LEADERS with the SKILLS and ABILITY to ENGAGE THEIR TEAMS.

Funergizers: Engage Your Team Workshop will...

provide your team leaders with 4 Simple 'STAFF ENGAGEMENT' Principles they can use to CREATE A TEAM WHICH IS ENGAGED, ENERGIZED and EFFECTIVE.

The great thing about these principles is they're EASY TO IMPLEMENT and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!

Here's What Your Team Leaders Will Learn!

By the end of this 1 Day Workshop your Team Leaders will learn how to:

1. Connect - Motivate and Engage Each Team Member to Perform their Best!


There are 4 types of employees, each one wanting to feel significant and valued in ways which are meaningful to them. Team Leaders will learn how to recognise and respect the strengths of each type so they can:

green-tickEngage each employee type based on their individual needs

green-tickMotivate each staff member in ways which are meaningful to them

green-tickEasily communicate with each type so they feel valued and respected

green-tickInspire each employee to greatness

This is a powerfully simple tool which will allow your Team Leaders to empower their team members easily and effectively

2. Appreciate - Recognize and Appreciate staff without spending a fortune


We all want to be appreciated and feel like 'we matter'. However for each of us, we like to be appreciated in one of 5 different ways. What works for one person WILL NOT necessarily work for another. As a Team Leader our challenge is to know how to appreciate individual team members in ways which they value! 

Participants will learn:

green-tickThe difference between Recognition and Appreciation - and why valuing someone for WHO they are instead of WHAT they do has more impact!

green-tick5 different ways in which staff like to be Appreciated

green-tickPractical ways to appreciate each team member - Without spending a fortune

green-tickHow to build staff appreciation into their daily ritual

3. Serve - Create a Team Culture of 'We' versus 'Me'


We all want to follow a leader who makes us feel good. As a Team Leader one of your objectives is to SERVE your team to help them shine. In this module we'll look at SERVICE BASED LEADERSHIP and explore how you can create a culture which is LOYAL, COMMITTED and GIVING.

Participants will:

green-tickIdentify different ways they can 'SERVE' each of their staff

green-tickLearn a series of activities they can run to help build a team culture of giving

green-tickDiscover how to bring meaning to their work

4. Fun - Energize Staff and Build Effective Teams in less than 5 minutes


Participants will learn how to energize and build their teams in less than 5 minutes using a range of fun, team-based games and activities. Participants will learn how to:

green-tickIncorporate team based games into their routine - When, Why & How

green-tickThe top 5 MUST DO's when running team building activities

green-tickRun activities so they work EVERY TIME!

green-tickEmpower staff members to run fun team events

These activities are perfect for generating energy, connection and an overall positive atmosphere.

5. Create Personalized Staff Engagement Plans - Put It All Together So it Works!

One of the risks of any training program is not knowing how to integrate the new skills into your work. We'll provide participants with an easy to follow 'framework' AND a whole stack of ideas to help Team Leaders bring the 4 Key Principles to Life!

Most times it's NOT about changing everything around, but simply refining what you're already doing to achieve a more effective outcome.

By the end of this workshop your Team Leaders and Supervisors will know EXACTLY how to BUILD:

green-tickA TEAM which is ENERGIZED

green-tickSTAFF who are MOTIVATED and CONNECTED

green-tickA TEAM which PERFORMS

Here's What an Expert Says About Funergizers 4 Key Principles...

stephennewhouseAuthor and HR Expert (with over 40 years experience) Steven Newhouse says...

"I believe Funergizers is spot on - boiling everything we all know about motivating a workforce down into the four simple, but powerful "Key Principles" Funergizers captures the essence of keeping any workforce truly engaged. At the end of the day - all human beings want to be accepted, made to feel important and made to feel they are making a difference with their time and the emotions they put into their jobs and the business. Spot on Funergizers!"

   Past Workshop Participants Include...Public-Workshop-Attendees Plus heaps more!

Funergizers Guarantee

30daymoneybackWe're so confident you'll receive such great value from this Funergizers workshop, we'll give you 30 Days to go back to your workplace and have a crack. If after implementing just one idea you're not totally satisfied we're more than happy to provide you with a full 100% refund.  

Want to Find Out More?

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