The MOST IMPORTANT STEP of Any Journey is the FIRST ONE!

Getting Started with Funergizers

Engage your employees the easy way!

Option 1 - Dive In Head First!

If you want to empower your Team Leaders and Managers with the skills and tools to be able to engage their teams more effectively this is the best way to get started!

STEP 1 - Introduce and Train your Team Leaders and Managers in the Funergizers 4 Key Principles of Staff Engagement.

You can do this with a Funergizers:

  • Keynote Presentation (by an accredited Funergizer Facilitator)
  • 'Engage Your Team' Workshop (delivered by an accredited Funergizers Facilitator)
  • DIY 'Engage Your Team' Workshop Kit (deliver this in-house yourself using your workplace trainers)
  • Online 'Engage Your Team' Video Workshop Series

STEP 2 - Provide your leaders and Funergizers champions with the tools, activities and resources to Funergize team meetings, workplace, staff conferences and offsites, team days and training programs on an ongoing basis.

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Option 2 - Dip Your Toe!

Often the easiest way to get started is to look at an upcoming event - Team Meeting, Team Day, Conference or Offsite - you want to Funergize. 

Use one of the following Funergizers resources and see the results for yourself.

  • Fun Team Bonding Event - Anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours in length
  • Shorter 5 - 10 minute 'one off' activities - Use these in team meetings or at key moments throughout a conference offsite
  • Ongoing Funergizers Activities - These are a series of activities which can 'bubble along in the background' of your normal working day

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As a Leader you DON'T HAVE TO run Funergizers Activities yourself!

Your job is to simply encourage and support it by EMPOWERING  one of YOUR TEAM MEMBERS to do it!

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