The Pitch

Lights, Camera, ACTION!


Working in teams participants are required to devise, write and film a 30 to 60 second TV commercial (TVC) on a chosen topic.

Each group is given preparation time and some tips on what makes a great TVC. Each commercial will make it's debut screening at the ‘Awards Ceremony’ and judged by a panel of world renowned experts (just grab a few people off the street!)

Producing a successful TVC takes all types, skills and ability. Not everyone is expected to be on camera, however each person plays a role in it’s creation. Whether it’s directing, writing, costume design, location scout. Staff are encouraged to work towards their strengths.

This is a fun activity which produces hilarious results for everyone to see during the debut screening!

Program Length

1 to 3 hours

Recommended Group Size

20 to 120+

Where Does it Work Best?

Almost ANYWHERE! Team Days, Conferences, Staff Socials, content review in Training or even during your normal work day!