Are You a People Focused Business Looking to Boost Morale, Build Engaged Teams, Create Stronger Staff Relationships and GET GREAT RESULTS?

  • Do you need to Boost Staff Morale BUT don't know where to start?
  • Have you tried running your own staff engagement activities BUT had limited success?
  • Are Annual Team Days NOT ENOUGH and you need to work out how to Maintain Morale throughout the year?
  • Are your Team Leaders struggling to build high performing teams?

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Funergizers Train the Trainer Workshop is the perfect program to empower your key people with the skills, tools and strategies to build an energized, connected and positive team culture.


Employee Engagement Accelerator

'Train the Trainer' Workshop

Workshop Benefits

Funergizers Train the Trainer Workshop allows you to create a simple Employee Engagement Program which will:

  • EASILY INTEGRATE into your normal operating rhthyms
  • Provide MANAGERS and Leaders with PRACTICAL SKILLS and TOOLS to engage their teams
  • EMPOWER ALL STAFF to take responsibility for building a positive team culture
  • BRING OUT THE BEST  in your people
  • Lift MORALE, boost engagement and achieve great results

Who Should Attend

Funergizers Train the Trainer Engagement Accelerator Workshop is great for any business wanting to create their own employee morale program and 'roll it out' themselves.

It's perfect for:

  • Employee Engagement Committees
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • HR Teams
  • L&D Departments
  • or even 'Fun at Work' Committees.

Everything you need to get started and even more to keep you going!

Workshop Content

1. DISCOVER...the concepts

You'll discover and explore the basic principles to boosting morale and building meaningful, long lasting engagement. 

  • What is the true meaning of employee engagement?
  • Discover the link between engagement and performance
  • What beliefs, behaviours and habits need to be nutured to create an engaged workforce?
  • 5 Factors which suck the morale, life and energy from any team

2. LEARN...the tools

You'll fill your 'Engagement Toolbox' with a STACK of engagement activities, workshops and resources which you can use to build positive employee experiences.

  • What are the essential elements of a successful engagement activity?
  • Learn a range of engagement activities which you can easily deliver yourself to boost morale and engage teams. Perfect for:
    • Team Meetings - Short activities to boost energy
    • Team Days - Longer activities to help bond and build your team
    • Staff Conferences and Offsites - A mix of short and long activities to energize staff and build stronger bonds
    • Workplace Culture - Activities which can bubble away in the background
  • Be trained in a highly engaging Workshop Series which you can deliver yourself to empower ALL staff
  • Discover a range of 'practical engagement tools' you can use to build a positive workplace

3. CREATE...the roadmap

You'll design your own 'Employee Engagement Plan' using the Funergizers Engagement Tools, which easily fits in with your existing business practices.

  • Conduct an Engagement Audit - What contributing factors are either 'Feeding' or 'Weeding' Staff Morale?
  • Create your engagement vision for your workplace - what does it look, sound and feel like?
  • Identify the opportunities within your business where you can make a difference to engagement
  • Identify and overcome obstalces to boosting morale and building meaninful engagement 

4. EXECUTE...the plan

A plan is useless unless you execute it!

  • Develop an effective implementation strategy - who, what, when and how
  • Receive ongoing support to help keep you on track and overcome any 'speed bumps' along the way


Also Receive 12 months Access to Funergizers Online Toolbox - Contains over 70 'How To' Training Videos, DIY Resources and Engagement Activities

47Increase inPerformance

A Funergizers client improved engagement by 10% over 30 Days and as a result saw a 47% increase in performance!


82% of participants agreed Funergizers built stronger relationships both within and across teams!


Another 85% of participants said Funergizers made them feel more positive, productive and enthused about their work!

"I highly recommend Funergizers to any business. It's a simple staff engagement process which can be easily implemented to improve team attitude and performance"

G.Lomax, Contact Centre Manager