Provide Your Engagement Committee with

All the Tools They Need to Create a Workplace which Hums!

This workshop will help you create an 'engagement framework' and provide you with the tools to build a fun, energised and effective workplace.

Aimed towards those people who are responsible for 'shaping' your workplace, this workshop will help you implement your own Funergizers program easily and effectively - boosting staff morale and improving team performance.

Learn Unique and Easy Activities to Bring Funergizers 4 Key Principles to Life in Your Organisation

Whose this Workshop For?

This workshop is for any business wanting to create their own Funergizers program and 'roll it out' themselves. It's perfect for Employee Engagement Committees, HR Teams, L&D Departments or even 'Fun at Work' Committees.

  • Have up to 4 People from your organisation attend
  • Participate in the activities - So you can experience them for yourself and see how easy it is
  • We'll work with you to create your own, unique 12 Month Funergizers Plan - So you can go back to work knowing exactly WHAT to do, WHEN to do it and HOW to do it

In this Workshop You Will...

  • Review the 4 Key Principles of creating an energized and connected workplace
  • Learn easy and practical ideas, activities and tools to bring these principles to life
  • Discover:
    • 4 types of employees and how to inspire each type
    • How to create a culture of serving and giving
    • 5 ways in which staff like to be appreciated - HINT: It’s  more than vouchers or money!
    • How to run fun team activities - so they work every time!
  • Create your unique 12 month program - so you know exactly what to do and when to do it!
  • Be trained in how to run specific  fun, team events and activities that can be used to connect and engage your staff
  • Discover how to get 'Management and Staff Onboard'
  • Learn an implementation strategy so it is guaranteed to work 

Everything you need to get started and even more to keep you going!

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