We All Need Some Fun

We All Need Some Fun with Our Team!

With Covid causing so much uncertainty in our lives right now - "Will we go into lockdown AGAIN?" "How long will this lockdown go on for?" "Will I need to work from home AND do home schooling?" "Will I still have a job?" - anxiety, fear and depression is at an all time high!

If you're team is starting to feel the weight of it all it's time for some more of this!

Let's get serious now. Fun, ladies and gentlemen. The fourth key principle of Funergizers is about fun. And look, basically, we all want to work at a workplace where we enjoy it, don't we? If we're going to spend 8, 9, 10, 12, 25 hours a day at a workplace, we want to make sure that we enjoy being there. And the work is fun, the environment is fun, and we're having a great time. Because research shows that when we're fun, when we're having fun, when we're happy, we're more productive, we're more effective, we're more resilient, we're more effective. So fun is so, so important. So important. And again, there's some great studies have shown the power of actually taking time out during the day to have some fun and you're more productive. It was putting coins in a coin slot.

So they got a group of people who were putting coins in a coin slot for eight hours straight. Whew, knock yourself out. And then they had a second group who will put in coins in for an hour, maybe 90 minutes. They stopped, went and did something fun for half an hour, then came back and put more coins in for an hour, hour and a half, stopped, went and did something fun for another half hour, and came back. All the while, the group for eight hours going straight. Guess who got more coins in the slot? Those who were having fun.

So fun is a really, really essential tool to have and incorporate into your workplace. And again, it's not about creating this sense of, "Hey, Mr. Fun Time," or, "Oh, my goodness, I need to be Mr. or Mrs. Fun Time." Not at all. It's about actually creating an environment which allows fun to occur. Because really fun does is it produces energy. Laughter is the fastest bridge between two people. Have a think about all the time you've had a great laugh with someone, and it produces energy and enthusiasm and life, and that's what engagement is all about as well.

So when it comes to fun, there's sort of three little hot tips that we suggest. The first is about empowering. So, if you're not Mr or Mrs. Fun Time, that's okay. Empower someone within your team who can take that role on. And it's not about them being Mr or Mrs. Fun Time, it's actually about creating or providing a range of activities which can produce the fun for you. And there's a whole heap of them through the Funergizers website. You will see them. There's a whole lot of fun teamed events you can run. There's also some activities in our connect, appreciate, and serve activity books. But the idea is to incorporate some activities which produce that laughter, that playfulness, and that fun.

And again, the key component around engagement is, and to make it easy, is to basically tweak what you're already doing. So if you've got a team meeting, incorporate a five minute fun activity as part of that team meeting. If you're running some training sessions, incorporate fun activities at key moments through the day to help lift the energy. So, when you start, after morning tea, after lunch, afternoon tea, and just generate some energy.

You might have a team day. So instead of it being about just PowerPoint presentation after PowerPoint presentation, incorporate some fun bonding team activities as part of your day. So, five minutes is enough. We've changed the energy of a room, literally in 30 seconds using a fun activity.

And the third one is, make sure it's regular. So, the thing about building your team and bonding your team is it's like fitness. You can't just do it once and then think, "All right, job done. I'm now fit. Good times roll on." It's something that you need to maintain and you need to keep doing. There's a saying along the lines of, "Motivation is like bathing. You need to buy every day, it doesn't last." So you need to make sure that you're doing it on a regular basis.

So empower people to do it, use some activities, and make sure you do it on a regular basis. And there's some more tips and hot tools when it comes to incorporating more fun into your workplace. So, good luck. Any questions, give us a buzz. More than happy to have a chat. And happy Funergizing.

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